The Mets Offseason Hasn't Been "Wilpon-ian" at All

At Metsmerized, I dive into this weird theory.

My latest column at Metsmerized concerns another column. Specifically, Joel Sherman’s column in the New York Post the other day, in which he wrote that “The Mets really need to stop being Wilpon-ian.”

It was particularly funny, I suppose, that Sherman’s column came out just before the Mets signed Taijuan Walker to be a back-end starter. Would the Wilpons have done that? Of course not. We’ve seen how the Wilpons find fifth starters: they peruse lists of guys who were once really good but aren’t anymore, and hope that memories of the times when they were good overshadow how far they’ve fallen since then.

Sherman calls it “Wilpon-ian” that the Mets have missed out on all the top free agents available and then offered explanations. It might be Wilpon-ian if the explanations were all nonsense, and were really just cover for not wanting to spend money, and the actual acquisitions that the Mets had made were terrible. But that’s not what’s happened. When the Wilpons failed to sign big free agents, they hyped up acquisitions of Keon Broxton and Jay Bruce. When Steve Cohen misses out on free agents, he goes out and signs the next-best thing.

Anyway, you can read that column at Metsmerized. It’s a fun one: I’m pretty sure no column in history about MLB free agency has mentioned cavemen flinging mammoth dung as much as this one. Check it out.