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Agreed. Such a no brainer. The overthinking about how much difference the decision on whether to start the season in the majors or AAA might make to a young player’s “development”, and ultimate well being. It is unlikely to make a difference, and it is impossible to know what that difference will be if it does make a difference. So why even think about such decisions.

The question is, is he among the top 13 position players in the organization. Do you expect the team to be better with him as a member. You should be able to come to this determination during a 2 months long practice and tryout period called spring training, right? And if you think he’s ready, and you are wrong, you can always correct your mistake by demoting him to the minors. It won’t ruin him. And if it does, if he can’t handle that level of adversity as a young professional, he was probably never gonna make it.

I’d handle Alvarez exactly the same way. The arguments about needing to learn more as a catcher in the minor leagues are silly. He’ll learn at least as much, if not more, on a faster curve, in the majors. He’ll learn from the bench on the days he’s not catching, watching Nido and Narvaez. He’ll learn in the game planning sessions. He’ll learn more catching veteran pitchers, including two future hall of famers, 2-3 times per week than he’ll learn catching journeymen and career minor leaguers 4-5 days per week, (with Mondays off) in AAA. So in spring training decide if he’s one of the top 13 position players in the camp, and if he is, put him on the squad.

Frankly that goes for anyone. Vientos, Mauricio, whoever. It’s far less likely for them, because what position can they displace. But it shouldn’t be ruled out.

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